Max Hel 5000cc, Nissan GT-R
  • Max Hel 5000cc, Nissan GT-R
  • Hel render. Placeholders for front- and valve covers.
  • Max Hel 5000cc, Nissan GT-R

Max Hel 5000cc, Nissan GT-R

Special order, 2-5months

The first billet engine for the Nissan GT-R! Provided as 'long block' with intake manifolds.
Highlights of the target spec for Max Hel (highest power drag racing variant):

  • 4000hp capable
  • "bolt-in", factory VR38 compatible
  • 400bar max cylinder pressure
  • 6 in-cylinder 700bar pressure sensors included (rated for continuous use)
  • 5,000cc displacement
  • 11,500rpm (drag racing)

estimated lead time: 3-5 months
See below for further details.

Made to order, 2-5 months lead time


Return policy

As of writing this (2.2.2022) spec target is as follows:
  • Elmer Racing 7075-like billet cylinder heads
  • Elmer Racing 6082 billet covers, with cam drive cover locating tabs directly on the cylinder heads (to line up VVT units correctly)
  • Elmer Racing carbon fiber intake manifolds (/or billet aluminum)
  • 42mm intake valves (+5mm over stock)
  • 36mm exhaust valves (+4mm over stock)
  • contoured intake and exhaust ports to straighten out ports and improve flow, while maintaining valve guide support for durability with the factory very short valve length
  • Custom camshafts
  • Elmer Racing 7075-like billet block & girdle with fully integrated dry sump system
  • 103mm bore, plasma coated (Nissan factory block is also plasma coated)
  • 100mm stroke, Elmer Racing billet crankshaft with tungsten insert counterweights
  • 3 scavenge stage, 1 pressure stage dry sump pump
  • Vibratech crankshaft damper
  • custom pistons
  • custom high strength steel connecting rods
  • factory front drive compatible

Available options: (contact vie email for inquires)

  • in-Cylinder pressure sensor delete (-9,000€)
  • custom logos (pricing on request)
  • custom flywheel bolt pattern (pricing on request)
  • custom bellhousing bolt pattern (pricing on request)