Rex rallycross version. Customer installation.
  • Rex rallycross version. Customer installation.
  • Rex with 1050hp size turbo with spool-valve for non-restricted use.
  • Rex base engine
  • Rex 2000cc 'long block'
  • Rex 2000cc 'long block'
  • Rex crankcase service opening. Connecting rod big end removable with no oil system disassembly.
  • Rex bottom view

Rex 2000cc 'long block'

Special order, 2-4months

'Long block' package with base engine, crank damper, and drysump oil pump. Example customer installation pictured with billet ElmerRacing intake manifold.

Use cases:
RallyCross with 45mm FIA inlet restrictor, turbo
Normally Aspirated
Turbo non-restricted

Full Performance analysis video from our Rex engine in its 45mm FIA RallyCross trim:

Displacement from 2000-2400cc.

Full Billet dry sump racing engine. With exceptional performance/price ratio.

Engine is made to order. Customization available.



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Rex 'long block' package

Built on Thor technology, our Rex engine is designed to provide exceptional performance/price ratio.
The ElmerRacing Rex engine is designed to perform well in both FIA RallyCross 45mm inlet restrictor trim, and as a non-restricted circuit or street use engine. Naturally aspirated performance is good as well.
Designed to use modern anti-lag in turbo racing use. Displacement options are 2000-2400cc. Rex will reliably produce over 900hp in non-restricted circuit racing trim on moderate boost.

Full Performance analysis video from our Rex engine in its 45mm FIA RallyCross trim:

This 'long block' package includes base engine, drysump oil pump, crank vibration damper. Does not include intake and exhaust manifolds, turbo, sensors, wiring harness, ECU etc.

Engine is fully team serviceable. We of course also provide rebuild services, if the customer wants it.
The engine is fully designed by us in-house at Elmer Racing, where we also manufacture the billet block, head, crank etc.
Engine can be customized for special uses.
Engine block can be customized to fit your gearbox / bell housing directly. No extra mounting spacers needed.
Custom engravings and logos possible.
The rallycross version of Rex is fully compliant with FIA world championship RallyCross SuperCar 'custom engine' regulations, available with  45mm inlet restrictor and twinscroll wastegate "boost valve" collector.