Thor base engine with intake and exhaust manifold, and 2000hp turbo (not included in base engine)
  • Thor base engine with intake and exhaust manifold, and 2000hp turbo (not included in base engine)
  • 2000-3000hp Billet "Thor" race engine 'long block'
  • 2000-3000hp Billet "Thor" race engine 'long block'
  • Thor installation in RP968, WTAC2019
  • 2000-3000hp Billet "Thor" race engine 'long block'

Thor v2 4000cc "long block"

Made to order, 2-4months

2000hp, 3974cc, 9500rpm, single turbo (recommended circuit spec)
3000hp, 3974cc, 10500rpm, single turbo (recommended drag spec)
'long block' is the basic engine, with oil pump and vibration damper. Does not include pictured manifolds, turbo, sensors, wiring etc.

The worlds first Full Billet circuit racing engine. 4x Back-to-back World Champion engine at the World Time Attack Challenge 2018-2023.
State of the art lightweight design resulting in the best power/mass ratio of any OEM circuit racing engine ever (yes we really mean it, including F1 engines).

Made to Order


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Thor 'long block' engine package

Thor took home 4x back-to-back world championship titles at WTAC 2018-2023, on its first outings in the legendary RP968 pro class TimeAttack car, and is now available for general order.
Designed for ultra high power-to-weight ratio, for unlimited racing categories, top category TimeAttack and hill climb racing, drag racing etc., this is a state-of-the-art 'full billet' engine 'long block' package using only the best components.
The ElmerRacing Thor engine is designed to get the maximum power possible with the smallest possible engine size and weight. With Thor, you can push large wings and other loads. Displacing a monstrous 3974cc from four cylinders. With the mid-2023 v2 update, we recommend a power output up to 2000hp for circuit racing use and 1900Nm (important for gear box selection). Estimated capability in drag racing trim is 3000hp. The Thor 'long block' weighs in at a featherweight 106kg!
The 'long block' package comes with drysump oilpump and vibration damper. Does not include any sensors, manifolds, turbos, wiring etc.

Thor is now available with in-cylinder pressure sensor locations. Please contact us for pricing and details. Cylinder pressure sensors are highly recommended at the new 2000hp power level.
Cylinder pressure sensor package is only sold to qualified teams with a high end ECU, dedicated data log setup, or capable of correct component selection. Please be in contact with us early in your decision process!

Engine is fully team serviceable. We of course also provide rebuild services.
The engine is fully designed by us in-house at Elmer Racing, where we also manufacture the block, head, crank etc.
Engine package can be customized for special uses.
Custom bellhousing and flywheel bolt patterns available. (email for pricing)
Custom engravings and logos possible.
Engine has no FIA or other racing body homologation. We are however happy to work with customers if specific needs arise.

Dimensions: (see 'attachments' tab for downloadable simplified CAD file)
630mm long (front of oil pump pulley to bellhousing flange)
107mm crank centerline height from bottom of the engine
544mm tall (bottom of engine to top of cam pulleys with belt)(with cylinders vertical)



Thor simplified CAD fitment file

.step format file, with engine mount, bellhousing, and flywheel bolt patterns

Download (3.16MB)
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