2000hp "Street Hel" Nissan GT-R crate engine
  • 2000hp "Street Hel" Nissan GT-R crate engine
  • 2000hp "Street Hel" Nissan GT-R crate engine
  • 2000hp "Street Hel" Nissan GT-R crate engine
  • 2000hp "Street Hel" Nissan GT-R crate engine
  • 2000hp "Street Hel" Nissan GT-R crate engine
  • 2000hp "Street Hel" Nissan GT-R crate engine
  • 2000hp "Street Hel" Nissan GT-R crate engine

Street Hel R35 crate engine

Special order, 3-5 months

The first billet street crate engine for the Nissan GT-R!
Spec Highlights:

  • 2000hp recommended
  • full boost from ~3750*-9000rpm
  • "stock location" turbos, equal length headers
  • "bolt-in", factory VR38 compatible
  • 5,000cc displacement
  • 9,000rpm redline recommended

See below for further details.
(pictured with optional extras)

Special order, 3-5 months


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The 'big daddy' street option. 2000+hp of streetable engine for your Nissan R35 GT-R with all the goodies! 5000cc displacement and our spool valve setup to give a wide powerband ideal for street use, without sacrificing the top end!
Full dry sump design, dual injectors per cylinder.
May require some local modifications to fit the spool valve gates (optional delete available), and minor front lower cross member modification to increase clearance to the oil pump to oil tank line.
Base spec:
  • Elmer Racing 7075-like billet cylinder heads
  • Elmer Racing 7075-like billet block & girdle with fully integrated dry sump system
  • Elmer Racing billet tool steel crank shaft
  • Elmer Racing 6082 billet covers, with cam drive cover locating tabs directly on the cylinder heads (to line up VVT units correctly)
  • 2x Garrett G35-1050 turbos in "factory locations"
  • 42mm intake valves (+5mm over stock)
  • 36mm exhaust valves (+4mm over stock)
  • contoured intake and exhaust ports to improve flow, while maintaining valve guide support for durability
  • aftermarket vr38dett "street" camshafts
  • 103mm bore, plasma coated (Nissan factory block is also plasma coated)
  • 100mm stroke
  • 3 scavenge stage, 1 pressure stage dry sump pump
  • Vibratech crankshaft damper
  • custom pistons
  • custom high strength steel connecting rods
  • factory front accessory drive compatible
  • compact equal length exhaust headers with v-band mounting
  • *twin scroll turbos with "spool valve" billet collectors for boost from ~3750rpm
  • Elmer Racing carbon fiber intake manifolds (/or billet aluminum)

Available options: (contact via email for inquires)

  • spool valve delete, reduces the need to for modifications to fit the spool valve gate (pricing on request)
  • in-cylinder pressure sensors (advanced ecu needed)(pricing on request)
  • custom logos (pricing on request)
  • custom flywheel bolt pattern (pricing on request)
  • custom bellhousing bolt pattern (pricing on request)


Hel street crate CAD fitment

With space required for the intake manifold, exhaust manifolds with spool valves, and g35-1050 turbos

Download (8.58MB)
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