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Frigg: 8 wheel, 2000+hp dual engine ultra luxury multi-terrain vehicle
  • Frigg: 8 wheel, 2000+hp dual engine ultra luxury multi-terrain vehicle
  • Frigg: 8 wheel, 2000+hp dual engine ultra luxury multi-terrain vehicle

Frigg reservation slot


8 wheel, Ultra-Luxury, 2000+hp dual engine, most capable supercar of all time!
Non-transferable fully refundable* reservation slot fee to secure your spot of only 69 to be produced.



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Lets face it, supercars are boring.

And they're not even that good at going places, having fun, being special, or showing off to your friends and neighbors with.
Can your 1000hp supercar drive up a mountain to get that champagne-at-sunset-on-the-mountain-top instagram shot?

All that ends today on 1.4.2024.

This is Frigg.
Named after the Norse God that names Friday, and the Frigga genus of jumping spiders.
Introducing the ultra luxury high performance and extreme capability multi-terrain vehicle (M-TV)!

Sand dune jumping? Shopping mall stops? Rock crawling? Autobahn cruise? Mud bogging? The Oscars? Drag racing? Picking up the kids from school? Overlanding? All in ultra luxury and comfort?

This will be the most capable off- and on-road vehicle ever made.

Off-road Capability:

  • Eight over 1m diameter tires
  • Eight wheel drive
  • Eight wheel steering
  • Eight wheel individual driveline lock, wheel brake, and wheel lift (from driver seat)
  • Semi-active suspension
  • 1m suspension travel
  • 1.5m vertical step clearance
  • Active tire pressure adjustment
  • High power winch (to pull out your stuck friends)
  • Crack-resistant glass
  • Impact resistant exterior
  • 500-1000km range

Interior / Ergonomics:

  • Seating 4 / 6
  • Front gull-wing doors
  • Rear watertight full height doors
  • Panorama fully opening sun roof
  • Walk-through interior


  • Fully redundant driveline (no single point of failure)
  • 2 x 1000+hp Thor engines (long-life street trim)
  • 2 gearboxes (with extreme low rock crawl gear)
  • Mechanical front wheel steering, electronically controlled rear 6 wheel steering
  • 3500kg dry weight
  • Total length: 4969mm
  • Total width: 2269mm

On-road Capability:

  • Electronically limited top speed 280km/h (tire limit)
  • Height adjustable semi-active suspension with ultra smooth - max performance modes
  • 1g cornering
  • Downforce producing aerodynamics
  • Anti-lag and Launch control
  • 2000km range


  • Secret capability to be revealed with manufacturing prototype 2026

First manufacturing prototype to start testing 1.4.2026 with deliveries starting 1.4.2027

Anticipated final price 6,900,000.99€ (vat 0) due upon vin number assignment 6.9.2026 and opening up of styling and interior selection.

Full service support and spare parts availability.
Will this be the first supercar to increase its value with mileage and amount of mountain top pictures?

*reservation slot fee fully refundable if canceling order upon vin number assignment.
*reservation slot cannot be transferred. Only finalized or canceled upon vin number assignment.

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